8 Hard-Hitting Articles From Elementary School Newspapers

Because all news is local news.

1. The Villano Times — Emerson, NJ

“Well, what annoyed me most was that we couldn’t have pencils and erasers and things like that, and we also can’t have candy.” -Sarah Housman, 5th Grader

2. Bulldog Bulletin — Grand Prairie, TX

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3. Bulldog Bulletin — Grand Prairie, TX

“Our opinion is that the Monster House movie is the best, because it’s kind of scary, but at the same time also funny.” -Jocelyn Lopez, 5th Grader

4. The Paw Print — Elkhorn City, KY

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5. The Paw Print — Elkhorn City, KY

“Division of Vehicle Enforcement made students walk the line wearing total vision goggles. Michael Fields had students shoot foul shots while wearing the same glasses as well.”

6. PKES Panther Press — Fort Mill, NC

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7. Colonial Times — Pelham, NY

“Mrs. Gashi moved from fifth grade to fourth. ‘I like them both,’ she said.”

8. Colonial Times — Pelham, NY

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