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18 Times Severus Snape Had The Perfect Reaction To All Of Life's Problems

All hail the Half-Blood Prince.

1. When your friend wants your honest opinion of their dating choices:

2. When you start a new diet:

3. When someone whines about a hottie on Tinder who won’t message them back:

4. When your roommate says she didn’t finish your peanut butter:

5. When your ex tries to talk to you at a party:

6. When someone steals your lunch from the office fridge:

7. When someone asks if you watch Game of Thrones:

8. When you’re home from college and your Mom still sets a curfew:

9. When you come out:

10. When you’re at a party and the booze runs out:

11. When you start using a new shampoo:

12. When you didn’t expect to get that high:

13. When you walk into the club:

14. When someone complains too much:

15. When you make questionable clothing choices:

16. When it’s been a little too long:

17. When you get to Chipotle, but it’s already closed:

18. When someone asks you if you want to go to brunch: