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7 Perfect Tamarindo Sunsets That Will Make You Pack Your Bags For Costa Rica

Are you tired of seeing overcast skies leading to dull winter sunsets? We were too, which is one of the many reasons why we, The Wandering Wheelers, packed our bags and flew south for the winter to Costa Rica!!!

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One of our favorite things to do while traveling in tropical locations is to watch as many sunsets a possible. During our trip to Costa Rica, we spent six (6) weeks in Tamarindo living the slow-paced, laid back (pura vida) lifestyle with the locals. Of course, we ventured out to zip line, visit national parks, white water raft, and even had a Sunday Funday at a Beach and Pool Crawl (recommended), but we always made it a priority to be on the beach relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Tamarindo sunsets in the evenings.

We wanted to share a few of our favorites with everyone so you too can experience a full week of Tamarindo's sunsets in seven (7) pictures (this way you don't have to drive or fly all the way there to see them). Enjoy your week of sunsets!

*All photos were taken with either an iPhone 6 or 6s without using any filters so you can see the real sunset colors.


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers


The Wandering Wheelers

About The Wandering Wheelers: The Wandering Wheelers are digital nomads. They live and work while traveling the world & love sharing their adventures with others. Learn more about them at their travel blog. Or, follow their adventures on Facebook or Instagram @thewanderingwheelers.

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