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    • ryanvitriolc

      I’m just going to be blunt and say I don’t give the slightest fuck about farm animals. I love Foie Gras, I own a fox/chinchilla fur coat, a leather sofa that cost me more than a lot of peoples cars, I love veal, I buy way more eggs than I use and end up throwing 6-8 out each week, I don’t give a fuck about animal testing either. If you’re a vegan, to me, you’re just a total fucking pussy, and if I ran the world, I’d round you all up into a Nazi style concentration camp and then crop-dust you motherfuckers with agent orange. I’d then wait a generation, come back, round up all your little deformed freak babies and take them from you, pack them up and send them around the world as a traveling vegan-mutant-baby freak show - and while you’re all sitting there crying about your spastic children being taken, I’d fucking crop dust you again, with the blood of a million cute fluffy animals I personally slaughtered just to piss you off. Then while you’re all puking up on each other, I’d circle back and carpet bomb you, wiping out you dirty little vegan cult, leaving nothing of you behind but the deformed, hideous children that I sent out to amuse the crowds.

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