The View From Copley: Week Two

Copley reopened for business Wednesday morning, on one of Boston’s brightest days ever.

Although we will never fully return to ‘normal,’ Boston seems ready to try.

Wednesday offered some proof. And a glimmer of hope.

2. As we all know, last week was not a good week for humanity.

4. The broken pieces still remain…

(This restaurant was at the heart of the blast radius.)

7. Copley station was closed all week.

8. The perimeter remained sectioned off and guarded at all times.

9. Even after the two bastards were killed/captured last Friday.

Her shirt reads “GREAT CATCH.” (Not sure if a reference to baseball, fishing, or last Friday’s city-wide manhunt…)

But then…

11. Copley finally opened again.

(The gates officially came down Wednesday morning.)

12. And the sun came out.

13. As did the people.

15. There were shoppers…

This dude’s face seems very happy about Trader Joe’s being open.

17. Diners…

18. Press…

25. Reporters on camera…

26. Cameras just chilling out by themselves…

27. Here’s some of Boston’s finest on duty.

One said that there will be “a little more of a [police] presence around. Not sure for how long though.”

28. On Wednesday, local businesses were advertising a different kind of message.

34. Even the dogs were happy…

These two in particular are actual ‘voluntary’ therapy dogs for an organization called Dog B.O.N.E.S. Recently, they made an appearance at M.I.T., according to their owners.

The couple who own the dogs, Conrad and Mandy Gees, happened to be sitting at a restaurant table in direct view. They acknowledged every ‘awww’ and thoroughly-melted heart, saying, “They love the attention, and it makes everybody feel good.”

And so they do.

38. There was this dude.

He was EXACTLY what this city needed.

39. A man unafraid of talking to COMPLETE STRANGERS.

Every time someone would walk by, he’d say things like, “How you doing, America?”

Or [to a white dude]: “We must be twins, because we’re wearing the same colors.”

All met with smiles and visible humanity.

One lady even bought him a Pepsi on her way out of Walgreens to return the favor.

40. When asked how he feels about today, he said two words:

“I’m alive.”

And that was the REAL news that day.

43. Talking to each other.

44. Being alive.

(Which includes riding the shitty subway system.)

45. Being human

46. Whatever this is…

Guy said his friend shot him in the eye with a Roman candle five years ago.

He offered to take his fake eye out for $0.25.

I said I had no money on me.

He took it out anyway.

47. Even the graffiti is worth smiling about.

48. Because we all have to share this crazy sphere together.

So why not be a helper?

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