Zayn Malik Revealed Which One Direction Member Was His "Favorite" And I'm Like, Hmmm

    OK, but what about Harry?

    Obviously, you know my king, Zayn Malik, inventor of pillow talk and master of all high notes in One Direction songs.

    Zayn performing onstage

    Well, this week, Zayn did an interview with SiriusXM's Volume, where he talked about partner Gigi Hadid, music, and one juicy thing in particular...

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    ...that is, who in One Direction he thinks is the second best…after himself, of course!

    The members of One Direction smiling at the camera above a 103.5 KissFM banner

    Yeah, let me break down this pivotal moment real quick.

    So, about 20 minutes in, the hosts were just chatting with Zayn about how interesting it is to watch the trajectory of each 1D member's now-solo career.

    The interviewers then asked Zayn who the best One Direction member is (besides himself), to which he replied, "I'll tell you what — Niall [Horan] is my favorite."

    Zayn and Niall smile at the camera

    "How about that?" he said. "You want a quote?"

    Zayn singing onstage

    "Niall makes the best music. There you go."

    One Direction holding their Brit Awards in 2014

    The one interviewer then asked Zayn, "Even better music than you?"

    One Direction at the Brit Awards in 2014

    Zayn replied, "Uh, yeah, I will say that he makes better music than me. I'm a Niall fan."

    Black-and-white photograph of Niall singing and playing guitar

    Taste, Zayn. But also, I'm like, "Hmm," because Harry Styles' music is right there. We stan Harry in this house (apartment).

    What do you think of Zayn's choice? Let me know in the comments below!