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    Women Of Color Are Sharing Awkward, Problematic Questions They Get Asked All The Time And It's Not OK

    "Is that real?"

    On Saturday, Reddit user u/abdul_bino asked, "Women of color, what was the most awkward question you were asked in public?" Women of color provided examples of questions they're often asked that are awkward, problematic, and weird.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "When they ask, 'Where are you from? No, where are you REALLY from?'”


    2. "I like to donate plasma from time to time whenever my busy schedule is open. It helps people with a wide range of diseases, and I get compensated a bit of pocket change. While I was standing in line one day, some weirdo says out loud, 'Is your ass real? Is that all you?'"


    3. "'Would you be mad if I touched your hair?' Far too many white women treat Black women like we are animals in a petting zoo. Not once have I had the urge to touch their hair just because it's different from mine, so what the hell. We learn as toddlers to keep our hands to ourselves."


    4. "When applying for a scholarship I got asked: 'Are you an immigrant?' 'Are you a refugee or have a refugee background?' 'Are you the first in your family to go to university?' When she found out I was none of these things, she was shocked. It’s as if a brown person being raised like she was seemed unbelievable."


    5. "'Are you Islam?' No, I'm not 'Islam.' Just because I speak Arabic, doesn't mean I'm Muslim."


    6. "Dark Latin American mestizo here. People in the US mistook me for any nationality you can imagine. And ask things like: Can I touch your hair? Why do you wear it like that? Why is your nose so broad? Can you do the merengue? How come you don’t dress like the other Latinas? Are you a lesbian? How many people live in your apartment?' It's annoying as hell."


    7. "I'm Indian and get asked 'Are you into the Kama sutra?'"


    8. "The usual question I get: 'Do you speak English?' I also get: 'What do you mean you're not an immigrant? Didn't you already immigrate from China to Singapore? How much more immigrant do you want to be?' I was born in Singapore and had never set foot in China."


    9. "As an Asian woman, are you submissive/eager to please?"


    10. “'What’s your name?' *Gives my name, which is English*. 'No, I mean what’s your ethnic name?'"


    11. "I'm Muslim. People will say, 'Wow, you are fluent in (insert language). How is it possible?' Um, I learned."


    12. "'Why are you so quiet?' from people who expected me to be outgoing and loud because of stereotypes."


    13. "When I say I'm from Sri Lanka, I've gotten, 'Wow do they even have cars there?' No, our prime mode of transportation is elephant. LIKE, COME ON."


    14. "'If you are brown, why do you need sunscreen?' I was trying to buy sunscreen to protect myself from a 100-degree summer."


    15. "'Can you teach me kung fu?' Such a stereotype."


    16. “'How do Black people feel about xyz political issue?' IDK. Let me go do a quick survey of the other 42 million of us, BRB."


    17. "An uncomfortable amount of times (as in more than zero) I've been asked what color my nipples are."


    18. "'Are your parents super strict?' and 'So, you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend, right? Your parents picked a guy for you that you have to marry?'"


    WOC, did they miss any? Let me know, if you feel comfortable, in the comments below!

    Responses edited for length/clarity.