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    People Are Sharing "White People Vernacular They Should Use More," And It's Hilariously Accurate

    "News flash, buddy."

    On Friday, Twitter user @fionaapplescigarette posted examples of "white people vernacular that they should use more." They provided examples of their own including:

    1. "That's rich coming from you."


    2. "Ok, no more Mr. Nice Guy."


    3. "Let's skedaddle."


    4. "Let me be frank."


    5. "Now, listen here, pal."


    6. "Cup of joe."


    7. "You're barking up the wrong tree."


    8. "How you like them apples?"


    9. "News flash, buddy."


    This then inspired Twitter users to come through with some spot-on examples of their own. Here are just a few of the absolute best:

    10. When in a confrontation:

    @fionascigarette *in a confrontation* “Oh yeah? You and what army?”

    Twitter: @BoozeBlogsChuck

    11. When the check comes:

    @fionascigarette When the check comes they say "what's the damage?" lol.

    Twitter: @nydiasimone

    12. When it's time to leave:

    @fionascigarette Let’s blow this popsicle stand

    Twitter: @pb2br

    13. When offered a snack:

    @fionascigarette (When offered a tasty snack) “no thanks I’m trying to quit”

    Twitter: @pb2br

    14. When someone doesn't drive when it's a green light:

    @fionascigarette ‘not your shade of green, pal?!’ when the stoplight turns & the car in front doesn’t go

    Twitter: @Laura_Kramer

    15. When getting in the car:

    @fionascigarette “ready to rock n roll?” when u get in the car

    Twitter: @polyesterbrides

    16. When someone's being fresh:

    @fionascigarette Calling someone “wise guy”

    Twitter: @dj_atwell

    17. When doing something boring:

    @fionascigarette (doing something mundane) living the dream !!!

    Twitter: @hibachisoup

    18. Some people even provided exhaustive lists of examples:

    @fionascigarette -hold your horses -whoa nelly! -are you fixing to start a Donnybrook? -that’s the bees knees -let’s just soak it in -ya can’t win ‘em all, champ -look pal, I don’t make the rules -that’s the way the cookie crumbles -now you listen here mister -let’s get down to brass tacks

    Twitter: @LetsGetBritt

    19. Yup:

    Twitter: @ladyannagrace

    20. So. Many. Examples:

    @fionascigarette - Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! - two shakes of a lamb's tale - be there in a jiff - livin' the dream - Midwestern goodbye - slaps knees and says "welp." - Answering the phone with "yellow?" - you're a hoot! - it's not the heat, it's the humidity - for cryin' out loud

    Twitter: @RedRanchers

    Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!