14 People Who Failed Hideously — But Hysterically — This Week

    The pizza sign...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This reply:

    men will always fascinate me pic.twitter.com/kGr24DVk4X

    — Isabel Steckel (@IsabelSteckel) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @IsabelSteckel

    2. This misidentification:

    GOODBYE pic.twitter.com/SzH5zDM5qz

    — swiftie struggle tweets (@swifferstruggle) July 8, 2023
    Republic Records/. Twitter: @swifferstruggle

    3. This signage:

    still trying to understand what possessed a local pizza shop to get this sign Specifically pic.twitter.com/dpnW3GmuBS

    — the ways in which (@dykeprivilege) July 5, 2023
    Twitter: @dykeprivilege

    4. This comment:

    Twitter: @notgloh

    5. This sanitation fail:

    Lana Del Rey hitting a fan’s vape at her show in Dublin tonight 💀 pic.twitter.com/9i7PbkH7aH

    — Lana Del Rey Online (@LanaDReyOnline) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @LanaDReyOnline

    6. This intruder:

    there was a cat at the bar last night pic.twitter.com/Jr8yCUANHe

    — marshall country mart (@marshallvore) July 6, 2023
    Twitter: @marshallvore

    7. This mom text:

    My poor mother pic.twitter.com/gY3KjsqsBh

    — Jo (@jealousbottom) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @jealousbottom
    "I have not talked 2 u in weeks. Is pride over wts"

    8. This fridge fail (but promo win):

    freezer oozing speak now juice! pic.twitter.com/Khug4Os7si

    — bee (@cuntfessr) July 6, 2023
    Twitter: @cuntfessr

    9. This creep:

    I really appreciate the effort pic.twitter.com/oapyQ7wh6B

    — Ms. Hannah :) 🦖🦕 (@Hannah_bmbmbm) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @Hannah_bmbmbm

    10. This situation:

    wait ur not supposed to swallow mouthwash…………………………

    — ducki 🏳️‍⚧️ (@dxckiii) July 6, 2023
    Twitter: @dxckiii

    11. This concert etiquette fail:

    A fan threw their phone at Drake during his Chicago show last night. pic.twitter.com/glJ5rIGQS7

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) July 6, 2023
    @jordyntaylor28 / Twitter: @PopCrave

    12. And this Harry Styles concert fail, too. SMFH:

    13. This bag design:


    — Everything Out Of Context (@EverythingOOC) July 9, 2023
    Twitter: @EverythingOOC

    14. And lastly, this safety fail!!!!!!!

    He treatin that thing like it’s a dog wth pic.twitter.com/osBNUXW7Ub

    — Lance🇱🇨 (@Bornakang) July 8, 2023
    @weaponx903 / Twitter: @Bornakang

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