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    16 Tweets Comparing Boomers, Millennials, And Gen Z'ers That Are Brilliantly Hilarious

    The accuracy...

    A newish tweet format is boomer/millennials/gen z, wherein people share the hilariously different perspectives these generations have. Keep in mind: They're all in good fun and never meant to offend. Here are some of the best:

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    boomers: i hate my wife millennials: i hate my life gen z: beesechurger


    Gen Z: lol fucking millennials Millennials: lol fucking boomers. Boomers: Fuck all y'all kids Gen X:


    boomers: first you do the hokey pokey gen x: stop! hammer time :) millennials: yUUUUUUUUUU!!!! gen z:


    Silent Gen: Can you show me how to work this iPhone? Boomers: Can you show me how to ruin everything? Gen X: Can you show me how to make a meme? Millennials: Can you show me how to buy a house? Gen Z: Can you show me how to use a hammer?


    Boomers: no women CEOs Millennials: yes women CEOs Gen Z: yes women no CEOs


    gaming boomers: plays video games gaming millennials: plays video games they hate gaming gen z: watches streams of someone playing a game they hate on the smart fridge while they film it for tiktok


    boomers: BUY ALL OF THE TOILET PAPER. LEAVE THE SOAP. millennials: flights are so cheap! i’d rather die somewhere tropical gen Z: dancing on tik tok


    Where we learned to edit: Boomer: On the job at the local broadcast station Gen X: VHS tape decks Millennial: Pirated FCP and Mini DV tapes Gen Z: In car after pre school on the iPad


    Forms of teenage rebellion by era: Boomers: hippy culture, selfishness Gen X: punk rock, self pity Millennial: avocados, enabling of political extremism Gen Z: not dying from measles


    Boomers: "Millenials and gen z are snowflakes who get offended by ANYTHING" Gen z: "OK boomer" Boomers:


    boomers call gen z snowflakes boomers call milennials lazy gen z: ok boomer boomers:


    BOOMERS Husband: “honey, i watch porn once a week” Wife: “ur addicted to pornography?!🤢“ MILLENNIALS Husband: “babe i watch porn once a week” Wife: “that’s it? i watch porn at LEAST 3 times a week 😂” GEN Z *watching porn together* Girl: “this was such a cute 1st date idea ☺️”


    boomers: work harder millennials: play smarter gen z: baja blast condoms


    boomers: I hate my wife millennials: I hate my life gen z:


    generations dining: boomers: doesn’t make eye contact, leaves $1 tip, leaves a mess gen x: says their pleases and thank yous, $5 tip and they MIGHT stack their cups millennials: smiles, asks how their day is going, leaves a good ass tip gen z: will literally die for the staff


    Boomer humor: I hate my wife Millennial humor: I hate my life Gen Z humor:

    I'm sure you've got some thoughts and comebacks, so (nicely) let me know what you think in the comments below!

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