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17 More Tweets About "Tiger King" That Are As Wild And Hilarious As The Series

"Here Kitty" is one of the best diss tracks ever.

So "Tiger King" dropped on Netflix. It's honestly one of the messiest/most entertaining shows I've seen in a while. We rounded up some tweets about the show when it first dropped.

Here are some more that'll make you laugh at how insane this series is:



I’m just gonna say it: I am insanely Joe Exotic’s type


Carole Baskin when someone else pulls up in a full cheetah print sundress


If I don't get cast as Joe Exotic in the eventual biopic, Hollywood is broken.


Joe exotic: I will tell y’all, before ya hear it in the news. A tiger just ripped an employee’s arm off. Y’all want a discount? A rain check? The people in the gift shop: #TigerKing


Homegirl got her arm ripped off by a tiger and Joe Exotic’s first move was to throw on the EMS bomber. The drip never takes a backseat. #TigerKing


Joe exotic, Carole Baskin & Doc Antle trying to figure out who’s exploiting big cats #TigerKing


#TigerKingNetflix Country music Joe Exotic’s diss tracks


When Joe Exotic said “I am broke as shit. I’m not changing the way I dress. I refuse to wear a suit. I’ve had some kinky sex. I have tried drugs.” I think we all felt that


All Time Diss Tracks: 5: Who Shot Ya - BIG 4: Either - Nas 3: Hit Em Up - Tupac 2: No Vasaline - Ice Cube 1: Here Kitty Kitty - Joe Exotic #TigerKing


Gonna tell my kids this was Rascal Flatts #TigerKingNetflix #JoeExotic


joe exotic: so a tiger just ripped an employee’s arm off. y’all want a discount? people in the gift shop: #TigerKing


lisa kudrow’s entire career has been one long audition for the role of carole baskin


Nobody: Not one soul: Carole Baskin: HEY ALL YOU COOL CATS AND KITTENS #TigerKing


*don lewis disappears* carole baskin, his wife: “i really believe that everything happens for a reason” #TigerKing



#TigerKing will really have you pulling every single one of these faces


Me arriving at the bar once coronavirus dies and quarantine ends. #TigerKing

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