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    This Shirtless Pic Of Drake Is Making Me Thirstier Than A Camel In A Sweater


    You came for the the thirst, so I'll get right to it.


    Drake doesn't post shirtless pics that often, but when he does, he delivers (like he did here in 2016).

    Well, on Sunday he posted a new, updated, even-better shirtless mirror pic. Here you go:



    I wasn't the only thirsty one:

    I can’t decide if I never want Drake’s vacation to end or need it to end immediately for health reasons 😩

    drake out here posting shirtless bathroom selfies and what not 😏🤤

    seeing drake shirtless was the highlight of my day

    I’ve literally been thinking about that shirtless pic of Drake all day long.

    Good for you, Drake. And good for us for being able to witness this moment. That's all, bye!

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