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Oprah Said Literally Every One Of Her Guests Asked Her The Same Question After Being Interviewed

They all had the same question.

During a panel at the Tribeca TV Festival on Friday, Oprah Winfrey talked about her iconic talk show.

Tribeca TV

During her talk, she revealed that every one of her guests asked the same one question — or some variation of it.

Oprah talking about how Obama, Beyoncé and more asked her how they did after an episode of Oprah's show is priceless

Tribeca TV

She said guests would ask, "Was that OK?"

Tribeca TV

It didn't matter who it was:

Tribeca TV

When it came to Beyoncé, Oprah was just like, "Ugh, you're Beyoncé. Of course you're OK."

Tribeca TV

LOL, true. You can watch the full clip here!

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