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    There's A Chilling Connection Between "It" The Book, The TV Series, And The Upcoming Film

    Uh oh.

    You're probably familiar with Stephen King's iconic book It...

    Viking well as the creepy-AF TV series based off it.

    Green/Epstein Productions

    If not, it's basically about this evil, murderous clown named Pennywise.

    Green/Epstein Productions

    Well, there's a remake of the movie coming this year. It looks really freakin' scary.

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    And this guy tweeted a really creepy similarity between the book/TV series/upcoming movie.

    In Stephen King's novel, IT awakens every 27 years. IT premiered on TV in 1990. IT is hitting theaters in 2017, 2…

    It's true! The book states that Pennywise emerges from the sewer every 27 years to feed on children.

    New Line Cinema

    The TV series premiered in 1990, and the new movie is coming out in 2017!

    THAT'S A 27-year difference.

    Green/Epstein Productions

    People were shook.

    In conclusion, the clown is back, and we're all fucked.

    Green/Epstein Productions

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