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    This Girl Made A Fake Starbucks Drink Using Gatorade And Hilariously Trolled Her Friends With It

    "Frappajappajooza. It's on the secret menu."

    This is 17-year-old Laylah. On Wednesday, she decided to troll the shit out of her friends on Snapchat.

    It all started because Layla wanted ice for her Gatorade. "I poured it all into a Starbucks cup, and the color looked cute, so I posted it on my Snapchat," she told BuzzFeed.

    People started messaging her, asking what the drink was.

    "I figured when people asked what it was, I would make up a silly name for it," Laylah said. So, she told people it was called a "frappajappajooza" — a secret menu item — and people believed her:

    Laylah's tweet about the frappajappajooza was retweeted over 35,000 times and liked over 140,000 times.

    i get most of my entertainment by putting different colored gatorade in starbucks cups and telling people it's a fr…

    People loved it.

    Some people are just gullible AF. Well played, Laylah. 👏