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    Updated on Nov 13, 2019. Posted on Nov 12, 2019

    Taylor Swift Posted A Selfie Of Her Jet-Lagged And It's Unimaginably Gorgeous

    Taylegend snapped.

    So we all know being jet-lagged is literally awful.


    Like, when I'm jet-lagged, I literally look like this.

    Well, Taylor Swift has been traveling a shit ton lately to promote her incredible album Lover. And recently, she went to Asia to perform and meet some fans.

    I obviously expected the Grammy-winning legend was going to be tired and jet-lagged. What I didn't expect was her to post this beauteous jet-lagged selfie.

    "According to my jet lag it is one hundred o'clock celsius," Taylor captioned the photo. I'm dead.


    But really, the beauty.

    Only THE Taylor Swift could post a jet-lagged selfie looking this stunning:

    Yes, Taylor. Never change.

    The Hollywood Reporter

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