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    Taylor Swift "Liked" This Fan's Theory That Says Her New Song Is About An Actor

    He could be the one??? kapodl;askd

    By now, you've probably listened to — or at least heard about — Taylor Swift's new song, "...Ready For It?"

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    And you also might know that Taylor uses Tumblr to communicate with her fans. These days, she doesn't do much posting, but she does "like" fans' posts.

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    Well, this weekend, she liked Tumblr user @jencita's analysis of the song, which stated that it's about Taylor's rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

    WORLD EXCLUSIVE Taylor Swift in serious relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. My full story:…

    Here are some of the takeaways from the theory, since the post is loooonnnng as hell. The fan had the receipts of when they probably first met:

    And that lyric about Taylor's new boyfriend being mature for his age might have been a dig at Calvin:

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    The line "Touch me and you'll never be alone" is actually about paparazzi, according to @jencita.

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    Also, Joe could be the one!!! (???!!!)

    And, of course, there's some shade sprinkled in:


    king of photoshop

    You can read the full theory that Taylor liked here!

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    1. And since you're here, tell me what you think!!

      And since you're here, tell me what you think!!

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    And since you're here, tell me what you think!!
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