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    Taylor Swift Revealed An Easter Egg We Never Noticed In The "All Too Well" Short Film

    Her mind...

    Yesterday, I got to witness Taylor Swift talk to director Mike Mills at the Tribeca Film Festival for an in-depth Q&A about All Too Well: The Short Film.

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    Taylor talked about the film's conception, what directing was like for her, and one Easter egg that kinda went under the radar.

    Taylor waving as she arrives to the event

    When talking about the character "Her," Taylor talked about how she wanted to convey that the character in the film was a writer.

    Taylor on stage talking to mike

    "Sadie's character is a writer. It’s foreshadowed throughout. It’s one of the narrative devices I loved sprinkling through the film," Taylor said.

    "We start out with a Neruda quote, which absolutely destroyed me. It’s a violent thing to read something so poignant.”

    "love is so short, forgetting is so long"

    “So, we start with that. It references the fact that she is a writer. Then, we see this scene that foreshadows her. She says [to him], ‘Are you real? I feel like I made you up.’ It foreshadows the fact that she will one day write a book and she will fictionalize his character into a main character in her novel.”

    “The audience has chills,” Mike said to Taylor, as audible “Oooohs” were heard. But then Taylor talked about the typewriter Easter egg, which hasn't been super dissected online yet.

    "There’s this red typewriter," she said. "If you look really closely, when we’re following her really closely through the hallway with a steadicam, and we meet Him for the first time, we pan across a red typewriter."

    Taylor talking about the typewriter LIKE HER MIND. It just constantly blows my mind how great she is at narratives and she really needs to direct more films. She puts so much attention to details 👏🏻 #TaylorAtTribeca #Tribeca2022

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    "And then later on, we see her typing on that typewriter. We assume that he gave it to her," she continued. This coincides with the fact that each section of the short film has chapter titles in font Taylor had specifically designed, foreshadowing the future creation of the "All Too Well" novel the character will write.

    close up of the typewriter being used

    "He’s taken a lot from her, but he’s also given her something — this dream and hope she had to be a writer.”

    close up of "her" drinking wine

    This typewriter Easter egg — and what it represents to the character Her — is even more interesting when you remember that much of Sadie’s character is a fictionalized avatar for Taylor.

    close up of sadie and him kissing his hand and looking at each other

    “Her experience with Him is what galvanized that into her life and her career. And so, there are a lot of ways I do feel in which that both characters are protagonists."

    Taylor as the grown-up sadie

    "I spent a lot of time thinking about why they are the way they are, why they fell in love, and why they fell apart."

    Taylor in the film reading from the character's book

    To watch Taylor's full talk, click here. And to check out more Easter eggs from the short film, click here.