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A Hangry Snoop Dogg Blasted His Uber Eats Driver When He Refused To Deliver His Food Because Of The "8-Minute Rule," And The Messages Are Me

I deserve a Pulitzer for this investigation.

You know Snoop. Snoop Dogg. Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop D-O-double-G. Rapper, legend, icon.

Snoop onstage announcing Golden Globes nominations

Well, he took to Instagram to share the frustration he had with an Uber Eats delivery driver, who seemingly refused to deliver his food.

Here's what happened.

Snoop in a yellow Lakers hoodie

So I guess Snoop placed his order, and the driver arrived at his house at 10:41 p.m. "I've arrived. I've arrived. Hello," the driver messaged Snoop on the app.

Screenshot showing driver's "I've arrived" text

This activated the "8-minute timer" Uber Eats policy, which doesn't let the driver cancel before eight minutes is up.

"8-minute timer started" text appears under "I've arrived"

Snoop, I guess, hadn't answered yet, so the driver texted, "Plz call not sure where to leave your order."

"This is not a safe place," the driver then randomly said. Like, I'm sure Snoop lives in some extravagant mansion???

By the time Snoop answered, though, it was 10:49 p.m., aka eight minutes later, aka the time when the driver can technically cancel the order, which is what probably happened.

Snoop's texts: "Yes it is pull up to the gate" and "The black. Gate. N drop. Off the food i paid 4" after deliverer texts "This is not a safe place"

Snoop shared the entire exchange on Instagram, saying, "Motherfucker from fucking Uber Eats didn’t bring my fucking food. Talking about he arrived. ‘This is not a safe place.’ Punk motherfucker. Where my food at, n*gga? You got all my goddamn money, punk.”

Snoop onstage with an Essence T-shirt

But honestly, the TIMER is where I think it all went wrong, king. Rule number one of ordering delivery: You wait by your phone for it like a rabid starved animal, the way I do.

We'll never know if Snoop got his food or what it was or how the situation got resolved. It's a great mystery of life. But if Snoop or Uber Eats ever shares or comments on what happened, we'll be sure to update you.

Snoop holding up a phone and smiling