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Sia Was Really, Really Open With Her Fans About Why She Was Late And It's Amazing


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Right now, Sia — the inventor of chandeliers, titanium, and inexpensive thrills — is touring in Australia.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

On Friday, she had a show in Melbourne and was going through a rough time. For starters, she couldn't catch a flight.

Rick Kern / Getty Images

So, she drove — 13 hours!!!!!!!

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images


Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Wait, it doesn't stop there. The stress of it all gave her "crazy diarrhea." I'm not lying, she literally tweeted it out to her 3.6 million followers:

But she also didn't let it stop her from updating her fans:

Her fans literally loved it, even renaming diarrhea to "Siarrhea."

@Sia Omg it’s not called diarrhea anymore but Siarrhea from now on

And seriously, her fans were totally understanding.

@Sia It’s okay queen we soaking wet but it’s all worth it 💦💦

Iconic fans. Iconic singer. Iconic diarrhea. I'm out!

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