People Are Defending Sam Smith After Their New Video Led To Body-Shaming — From Conservatives, Other Queer People, And More

    "The amount of homophobia and fat-shaming Sam has been subjected to lately (that, too, from their OWN community) is so disappointing."

    This post contains discussion of body image issues.

    This week, Sam Smith debuted their new video "I'm Not Here to Make Friends."

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    The video was super fun, and the song is really catchy!

    Sam Smith’s I’m Not Here To Make Friends music video was a serve and I’m liking the whole Gloria album tbh.✨

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    And in the video, Sam embraces their new Gloria-era aesthetic — colorful, provocative, and burlesque. They donned a bunch of lewks:

    Screenshots from Sam Smith's music video

    Sadly, it led to a lot of body-shaming comments — many of which were from the LGBTQ community:

    Comment about Sam Smith's music video

    Conservative pundits even used Sam as a way to make things political, UGH:

    Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualised and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!

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    Again, won't list all of these gross comments being made, but you get it.

    People defended Sam following the barrage of hate:

    The way yall treat Sam Smith ever since he started being more feminine is very weird and nasty. Y'all are ugly.

    Twitter: @simsimmaaz

    (Sam uses they/them pronouns. This person corrected it in a following tweet.)

    You are entitled to like or not like Sam Smith music but what y’all won’t do is fat shame Sam and stop calling them “he” like it makes you look bad not them!

    Twitter: @heyjaeee

    Tbh, you don’t have to like Sam Smith, you don’t need to like their music, or their art. Each to their own, but this unnecessary hate brigade that’s happening on here and in the media is uncalled for!

    Twitter: @itsnickcharles

    the sam smith hate is so gross. misgendering them, talking about their body. y’all grow tf up. don’t be petty because you your self confidence is nil and you can’t stand to see a fat fem person shine. love to see them thrive and the rest of y’all can CHOKE.

    Twitter: @Conorbabe_

    All this Sam Smith ridicule just proves that heterosexual, cis people don’t want queer people being visibly queer in public: “I’m fine with you being gay, just don’t show it”. And you know what? F*ck that.

    Twitter: @ThomasWillett9

    Queer people also called out their own community — which has a history of prioritizing traditionally fit bodies — for their cruelty toward someone who's part of the same community.

    If Sam Smith conformed to the stereotypical body standards the gay community expected you'd all be yassing so furiously your hands would fall off. Give them a break.

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    The amount of homophobia and fat-shaming Sam has been subjected to lately (that too from their OWN community) is so disappointing

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    y'all need to stfu about sam smith cos you know if a skinny straight man wore this you would be be saying he's subverting gender norms and pioneering for the queer community

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    Sam said since they've come out as nonbinary, they've faced harassment both online and in person in the UK. "What people don't realize with trans nonbinary people in the UK is it's happening in the street," they told Apple Beats 1's Zane Lowe. "So, that was the hardest part, I think, was being at home in the UK and having people shouting at me in the street. Someone spat at me in the street. It's crazy."

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    The truth is: Sam can wear whatever they want. They never deserve to be body-shamed or used as some right-wing talking point.

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    You can watch the full "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" music video here.