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    16 Reactions To This Wild Felicity Huffman-Lori Loughlin Situation

    What a moment...

    In case you haven't heard, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been indicted after it was revealed they were part of a college admissions scheme that involved bribery and facilitating cheating on the SAT and ACT exams.

    Mark Davis / Getty Images, Jerod Harris / Getty Images

    Obviously, the internet lost it when this was revealed, so here are some of the best reactions.



    felicity huffman entering prison and seeing lori loughlin


    felicity huffman's daughter getting a 900 on the math


    Aunt Becky apparently learned nothing from the DJ's SAT nightmare episode


    vera farmiga will play felicity huffman in the college cheating movie and she will win an oscar


    Damn Aunt Becky; it’s like that! HAVE MERCY.



    Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky after a long day of college exam fraud



    Aunt Becky's spin-off show is gonna be so good


    Felicity Huffman/Aunt Becky from Full House/Bribery/NCAA takes its place in the "True Story that Sounds Like Mad Libs" Hall of Fame. @CeeHawk


    Ok but can you imagine Felicity Huffman getting handcuffed? Rolling her eyes. “Fuckin losers,” she says to the FBI agents out of the side of her mouth


    Aunt Becky paid $500,000 to bribe her daughters' way into USC? A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS just to get them into USC? How bad were their grades and test scores?


    About to start a GoFundMe for Aunt Becky's legal defense under the name "Have Mercy."


    ADMISSIONS OFFICE: ur child was not accepted to our college FELICITY HUFFMAN: then i will have to do a crime ADMISSIONS OFFICE: u can just donate some money & we'll let em in FELICITY HUFFMAN: a crime i shall do ADMISSIONS OFFICE: just make a donation FELICITY HUFFMAN: crime time


    Admissions: sorry their grades just aren’t competitive enough Felicity:

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