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Rapper DaBaby Randomly Dissed JoJo Siwa In A New Song, And Now There Are A Bunch Of Memes

Me after listening: ???????

You know rapper DaBaby. The 29-year-old's song "Rockstar" was a megahit this summer.

And you know JoJo Siwa — she's a singer-dancer with millions of followers and millions of hair bows.

Well, in one of the most bizarre disses in recent history, DaBaby decided to call JoJo a "bitch" in his new song "Beatbox Freestyle." Have a listen here:

What tf did jojo siwa do that made dababy mad like that 😭

@ketchleft / Via Twitter: @ketchleft

Yep, I was as confused as anyone when I heard it.

@lyricshitposts / Via Twitter: @lyricshitposts

But let me just tell you, there were a bajillion viral tweets about the diss after the song was released:

how jojo siwa gonna pull up to dababy’s house after hearing his freestyle


Everyone talkin bout JoJo Siwa beatin dababy ass BUT y’all forget her gf??? They definitely jumpin him and leaving him squished

Twitter: @belligerentbabe

Dababy beefing Jojo Siwa?? Hope he knows that she’s taller than him🤣

Twitter: @zurii2x

jojo siwa on the way to record the dababy diss track


listening to dababy and him suddenly calling jojo siwa a bitch

Twitter: @S0cialShyGuy

DaBaby Suddenly Calls Jojo Siwa a Bitch On His Song in a Lyric: Everyone:

Twitter: @RapSheetTv

Of all the people for Dababy to be beefing with and he picks Jojo Siwa????????

Twitter: @1009Angiebee
Twitter: @fioneapple

DaBaby is going to need to explain that Jojo Siwa bar because I am confusion

Twitter: @xoraveen

Yep, still confused. If we find out exactly why he dissed her, we will let you know.