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17 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

Like, no.

1. Servers already make so much money.

2. And it's not like they have to share their tips with anyone.

3. Their job is literally so easy.

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4. All they do is drop off the food and then wait around.

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5. No side work.

6. And they get treated pretty well.

7. Customers are usually easygoing.

8. And never creepy.

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"If you were on the menu, I would have you everyday (and if you're lucky, every night)"

9. And sometimes even leave cute surprises after they leave. 😍

10. Servers' shifts are also super short.

11. And pretty sure they get off on holidays.

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12. They make mistakes all the time.

@Powerful All of y'all justifying not tipping 9/10 times your "bad service" is coming from the kitchen and you choo…

13. And don't servers get, like, free food and stuff?

14. And their working environment is super chill.

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15. There's just no need for a 20% tip. They have the least stressful job.

16. It's like — why tip 20% when their other tips probably add up to a good amount?

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17. And last but not least, servers never go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. Nope. Never.

Why they waiter show out like that 🤔🤣😂😭