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13 People Who Abused The Shit Out Of The iPhone's AirDrop Feature

This feature is bonkers.

1. This professor:

2. This heartbroken person:

3. And this guy, who tried to shoot his shot:

4. This person, who should just stop AirDropping and study:

5. This creepy sender:

6. This movie-watcher, who is hilarious and technically hypocritical:

7. This mother:

8. This bored person:

9. Whoever thought it was a good idea to send a stranger these four pics:

10. These girls:

11. This person, who goes by Mr. Farts-A-LOT:

12. This spiritual person:

13. And last but not least, this guy who dropped this selfie to a stranger:

@itrubsthelotionontheskinorelseitgetsthehoseagain /

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