People Are Sharing Their "F This Job, I Quit" Moments, And WOW, WOW, WOW

    I'm fuming for these people.

    Last week, Reddit user u/TheAgnostic1 asked, "Former workers of Reddit: What was your 'Screw this, I quit' moment?" People came through with examples of straight-up awful managers, leaders, bosses, and customers who made them say, "You know what — I quit."

    A worker sitting next to a box of his items

    Here's what they said:

    1. This shorts-obsessed drive-thru:

    "Started working for a drive-thru pizza place famous for $5 single topping larges. When I started, they said shorts can be worn. Five months go by, and I walk into work that day to find the manager changed overnight. New manager, whom I only just met, said I had to find khaki pants ASAP. I told her I could do that after payday next week because my last $8 was going toward diapers for my 5-month-old. She said that wasn't acceptable and that I had to obtain khaki pants immediately. I reiterated that I was unable to until payday next week. She said the same garbage again, so I quit on the spot."


    2. This anti-everything place:

    "I left my anti-vax, anti-mask job because they would make 'jokes' to clients about being in an 'unvaccinated control group' and would say, 'No, we’re done with that' when clients asked if the shop required masks. They would not let me wear a mask. I felt like I was living in the upside-down. After weeks of anxiety, I left. I can’t believe these people are just out in the wild."


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    3. This brutal customer service job:

    "I worked for Bank of America, in one of the call centers. I would get cussed out every other call. I was 7 months pregnant and having panic attacks because I didn’t want to do this job. But they had a great maternity leave, so I stuck it out. I came back and worked some more and had more panic attacks. I told my manager what was happening, and she told me to suck it up. The last straw was having some lady tell me she hoped I died driving home from work. I said, 'You know what, bitch? I quit. Have fun waiting on hold for another hour.' Hung up on her, walked into my manager's office, and said, 'Yeah, I quit. Bye.' and left."


    4. And this hostile thrift store:

    "Worked in a thrift store for six years. Customer threatened to murder me. Had to call the cops. Manager didn't even ask if I was okay after the incident."


    A worker helping a woman in a thrift store

    5. This unfair boss:

    "Worked for a retail media store when I was 18. Our janitor quit, so we agreed to have the last/late person to arrive on the morning crew clean the restrooms. It happened to me once. I cleaned the restrooms and vowed never again. So, I made sure I was always early. After a week, I was told to clean them again — even though I was one of the first people there. I asked why the last person there wasn't told to do it. My supervisor said because she is still 'new.' He told me I could clean the restroom or leave. I told him, 'Fine, I'm out.' I took off my apron and badge and walked straight out the door. He just stood there, mouth hanging open."


    6. This unethical nursing home:

    "I worked at a nursing home as a social worker. They asked me to discharge a man who had major surgery because his insurance didn’t pay enough. I quit that day."


    A woman talking to a patient in a hospital

    7. This not-so-pretty situation:

    "I used to be a cosmetology teacher. Initially, it was a really interesting and fun position, but the company started running out of money, so the students weren’t getting their books and kits, so they would harp on me, and I had no solutions. They couldn’t understand the way that social media was changing the undercurrent of the beauty culture. I quit, and all five schools went under in that year."


    8. This embarrass-er:

    "When my colleague yelled at me in front of the students. She did loads of other stuff before, but that was the moment I was done."


    9. This anti-overtime place:

    "When my job kept wanting to treat me like a full-time employee, having me order supplies, staying late on truck days until it was done. Yet, when I asked about moving to full-time ($5 extra an hour and I’d get 15 more hours a week), they told me they couldn’t. So, I quit."


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    10. And this "work-comes-first" place:

    "I was renting an apartment with my wife, and our toilet backed up and started overflowing. Couldn't get ahold of the landlord or the on-call plumber. Called into work before my shift that morning and told them what was happening and that I wouldn't be in that morning but would call to see how the afternoon went. Finally got a plumber in and got everything cleaned up and made it in for the afternoon. Got sat down for a fifteen-minute talking to about how work should be my biggest priority and everything else should come second."


    11. This retail conversation:

    "Me: 'I need to take a week off next month.'

    Manager: 'We really need you tho. :/'

    Me: 'Yeah, but I already told you two months ago.'

    Manager: 'Can't this wait?'

    Me: 'I quit.'"


    Screen shot of a text conversation

    12. This anti-beard place:

    "I showed up for my first day of work at a large retail store. I like having a 5 o'clock shadow (use an electric razor). I'm told to go grab a razor and be clean-shaven. Sayonara!"


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    13. This childcare center from hell:

    "A childcare center I worked for didn't want to give me a day off to go to my great-grandmother's funeral. They kept trying to get me to come in after the funeral. I had never been late, never missed a day of work — just wanted to spend time with my family during a difficult moment. Keep in mind, this was the same company (one of those chain childcare centers) that made a co-worker come into work when she was vomiting blood."


    14. And lastly, this heartless work environment:

    "I had a miscarriage while in quarantine because my fiancé tested positive for COVID. When I went back to work afterward, I was scolded for ‘not being at work,' and for 'being in the bathroom frequently.' I was still bleeding and chunking. They said, '[We] need someone reliable.’ Then they told me they were switching me from salary to hourly and retro-dating it to a few weeks ago, so they wouldn't have to pay me for while I was out. So, I walked out. Then, I emailed them showing the federal mandate saying they had to pay me because I was out of work for a COVID quarantine. They begrudgingly paid me, and I found a much better job."


    Have you ever had an "I QUIT!" moment? Let me know in the comments below:

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.