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    Employees Are Sharing Industry Secrets No One Talks About And I'm Enthralled To Say The Least

    No one talks about these things...

    On Friday, Reddit user u/MethodicallyDeep asked, "What is a secret in your industry that should be talked about?" People shared super insider-y secrets about the industries they respectively work in.

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    Here's what they said:

    1. "That if everyone being charged with a crime insisted on it going to trial, no plea bargaining, the system would crash."


    2. "That you can take a gallon of paint and give it a different label, price point, and warranty depending on the store it is sold in."


    3. "I work in a shipping company. I'm a merchant marine engineer working on mega container ships. Lot of unethical shipping companies. They dump a lot of garbage, oily sludge, waste, contaminated water, and oil out when sailing in international waters far away from the shore because it's cheaper to do that than land the waste to correct shore reception facilities. There are only a few handful of players (I can count them on my fingertips) today who are actually executing business trades, while still keeping the carbon footprint and environment as one of their core policies."


    4. "Casino dealers really do want the players to win. We don't work for the house. We get paid shit hourly rates and rely on tips. Unless the player is super nice, they only tip if they win, so we really do want you to win."


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    5. "I work in the print industry. We print checks for companies, and there is so little security involved in hiring, keeping the materials secure, running the actual work, and shipping the work to customers. I'm shocked we haven't had a problem with stolen checks."


    6. "I'm a visa agent. I’ve seen people be refused because the manager didn’t like their face."


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    7. "Screenwriter here. If you're established and well connected, it's very easy to coast and be a TV writer for YEARS and do very little actual writing. Most of TV writing is just talking in a room with other writers spitballing. This is why there's so many old, unfunny dudes still 'writing' on TV shows. They're hired by their friends, and in TV, a lot writers don't actually do much 'pen-to-paper' writing. Plus, everything gets rewritten to death."


    8. "In healthcare, the average patient or family member would be terrified to know what a shitshow everything is behind the scenes. You think it's bad the doctors are always late? In the past, I had to drive across town with medical supplies because an operation is in progress, patient sedated and opened on the table, and they realize there is something they need and forgot to check for before cutting open a human being. This is one of the higher-ranked organizations in the world."


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    9. "I keep reading that advertising is leading people to be more woke or multicultural. Companies don’t lead; they follow. They do lots of research and know where the future markets are. I worked for a very conservative global brand. Five years before gay marriage became legal, they told us it would happen, and we needed to start targeting the LBGTQ community."


    10. "A lot of animal donations get binned because it can’t be used. I would say around 10% is usable. For example, open packets of dried food, old toys, bedding, and towels. Most of the time, it’s checked and then binned immediately. There’s a risk of contamination with open food. We have no way of knowing if it’s been tampered with or not. With bedding, it’s often because it’s not clean. People bring items in that have been sitting around in bags since the dawn of time, and the smell hits us as soon as the bag is opened. It should be talked about because often people have no idea about these things."


    11. There is no minimum rest required for aircraft maintenance. My record is 46 hours on the clock for an engine change. Could have stretched it out, but went home to shower and sleep instead of sleeping in the shop/plane/truck."


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    12. "People die in hotel rooms all the time, and unless it’s public record, they’re going to clean and resell the room. That day, if possible. So better check the closet and under the bed."


    13. "Teachers, and administrators in general, start out very passionate about their work. They are absolutely determined to help each and every one of their students succeed. But then they get placed into an impossible work environment, so many of them are just making it through to the next weekend. Imagine being trained as a concert pianist, but then they give you seven plastic 'pianos' with assorted keys missing, and they expect you to play seven beautiful concerts all at once."


    14. "How fucking often bodily fluids get on food, and I mean intentionally. Wash your damn produce."


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    15. "RVs are horribly built for the money they cost. Material is cheap, but looks good. They're not cleaned as well as you'd want (behind cabinets where you wouldn't readily see it unless you took the cabinet out), and repairs done to the units are usually done as quickly as possible."


    16. "I work in payroll. The number of payroll reports I see where people are conned out of their overtime is saddening."


    17. "I used to work at a college, and everyone thinks that textbook prices are determined by the college, but they are not. They are determined by the publisher, and we have no say in it. We weren’t allowed to tell this to the students, and I have no idea why."


    Do you want to spill any secrets about YOUR industry? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.