People Who Are Street Smart Are Sharing Tips And They're Super Important And Useful

    "Criminals rely on their victims to be polite."

    On Sunday, Reddit user u/LegalCriminal69 asked "People with street smarts, what is your best street tips?" People came through with tips — some obvious and some genius — for being street smart.

    a person walking alone at night

    Here's what they shared:

    1. "If someone taunts you and clearly wants a reaction, don't give them one. If you try and get cute, you’ll end up hurt before you could finish your smart-ass answer."


    2. "When walking somewhere, always look around and keep track of what could be used as a weapon if needed."


    3. "Keep your wallet in your front pocket. Easier to steal from the back.


    people crossing a busy street

    4. "Don’t cross a busy road 20 feet from a crossing with a light. Live another day."


    5. "If you're in a big town or a city and a group of kids surround you, keep your hands in your pockets and don't let them get behind you. Some will try to distract you while others pickpocket you. If they get your shit, it's gone. They're faster than you, might be working in groups, and they know the streets better than you. If you chase after them they might run to people who will protect them."


    6. "Be aware — but not afraid — of your surroundings. People look for the unwary and afraid because they're easier to bully and/or rob."


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    7. "Don't talk to any strangers and don't let them stop you on the street. Just keep walking."


    8. "Know that criminals rely on their victims to be polite and not cause a scene or draw attention to themselves. When something happens to you, scream and shout. Make it known you’re in danger."


    someone stealing a purse

    9. "Let’s say a guy pulls a knife on you to mug you. What do you do? You go fumbling for your wallet. Well, in that split-second, that’s when he’s going to stab you. So, here’s what you do. You kids get yourselves a money clip. You put a $50 bill in the money clip. Then when a guy flashes a blade, you go, ‘You want my money? Go get it!’ Throw it, then run the other direction."


    someone in a baclava stealing money and a purse

    10. "Use windows as mirrors to check behind you. Literally every window you walk past, you should take a quick glance to know what’s going on behind you..."

    u/Spook_Fuzz / u/jjb8712

    11. "Shadows can also be useful to pay attention to when you’re trying to peek behind you or see if there’s someone around a corner."


    12. "If you're being attacked, go on Facebook Live if you can, with the camera facing to you, so the person behind you is in the shot or point the camera in front of you if they are in front. Say 'Hi, Facebook Live' to announce you are recording for an audience. Announce where you are, and as you walk, get street signs in the shot. Walk to the nearest open business and call either a cab/Uber to drive you home or a friend/family member."


    someone recording on their phone

    13. "I saw someone talking about safety tips on TikTok and one of them said, 'A man will never ask a woman for help. If they do, you should be suspicious.' And that really stuck with me."


    14. "Always get your keys out before you leave a building to go to your car, and have them in hand as you exit it before you go into your house. Not only are they a great weapon if needed, but you aren't distracted while searching for them."


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    15. "The same TikTok says you should take the elevator over the stairs because the stairs are where more assaults occur."


    16. "If you ever get arrested, and have a phone with face ID or fingerprint ID, turn off your phone. If a cop decides to snoop through your phone (they can legally do this in most situations), they can force you to give your thumb or face, but they can't force you to say your password. If you power off your phone, it resets and you need to put in the password to open it again, touch or face ID won't work. Also, if you have a pattern lock, either don't do that or wipe your fingerprints often, anybody with a pair of eyes and occasionally some powder can tell exactly what that code is in a matter of seconds."


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    Responses edited for length/clarity.