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People Are Sharing Their "Most Accurate Celebrity Sighting" And The Stories Are Great

"Guy pulls over on his motorcycle and asks if we’re ok. It was Robin Williams."

Last week, author Jaya Saxena asked people to share their "most accurate celebrity sighting."

What's the most accurate celebrity sighting you've ever had? Mine's a tie between Sam Rockwell with an armful of DVDs in Mondo Kim's and Richard Kind looking haggard on the M15

Here are some of the best responses:


@jayasax NYC Starbucks, 12 years ago, my 1 yr old laughing uncontrollably. Turn around and Robin Williams under a hoodie is making goofy faces at him.


@mapninja @jayasax Long ago biking up in Napa on a brutally hot day a guy pulls over on his motorcycle and asks if we’re ok,do we have enough H2O. Robin Williams.


@jayasax Keanu Reeves, wearing black sweater, black pants, black shoes, large camera on a strap over his shoulder, walking through the Lower East Side and stopping regularly to take tilted-angle photographs of garbage and graffiti


@jayasax Adam Driver being sweet to a little boy at a Hudson News in 2017. The kid tried to get his dad’s attention for a while before he wandered over and yelled, “You’re KYLO REN.” Driver knelt down, shook his hand and said, “I’m on a mission from Snoke, so you can call me Adam.”


@evil_fizz @jayasax I remember your ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🧡


@jayasax Served David Byrne at a college bar; he wanted coffee and two aspirin, and asked if the tv volume could be increased so he could hear the documentary on African drumming


@jayasax Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss shopping in that British grocery store in the West Village with the gate drawn shut, and just laughing.


@WhitneyM02 @jayasax Mine is also Tracy Morgan: driving a red Maserati very slowly around the Meatpacking District, playing (and singing) Roxxxxxxxaaaaane by The Police at full tilt.


@jayasax Christopher Plummer in an old-timey outfit walking in the park with his dog trotting beside him, off-leash, in perfect heel.


@jayasax Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard looking radiant and engaged in no doubt loving conversation in Park Slope while my dog took a giant shit outside their house.


@lizzieohreally @jayasax Tom Hanks saying “No more Power Rangers!” to his son in a Pacific Palisades toy store.


@jayasax Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor waiting in line for the bathroom at a Springsteen concert


@jayasax Camila Cabello in SoHo, shopping. I told her she looked like Camila Cabello and she tried to convinced me she was actually her while I was ignoring her acting like she was joking. Turned out she was indeed and I freaked out.. yeap.


@lillydancyger @jayasax Micheal Stipe in a small West Villiage cafe asking for “unpronounceable Jewish cookies.” I turned to him and in my most phlegmy voice said, ”they’re pronounced Rugelaccccchhhh.”


@jayasax Weird Al Yankovic wandering around a party with a kid sitting on his shoulders. Claire Danes dashing down a West Village block in a strapless white cocktail dress and heels muttering “fuck fuck fuck.”


@jayasax Chris Evans once held the door open for my friend when she had a knee scooter after breaking her foot

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