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    People Are Sharing Celebs Who Have Blocked Them On Twitter — And Why — And I'm Side-Eying Hard

    Find out what NOT to say.

    On Saturday, comedian Bert Kreischer asked people to share which celebs have blocked them on Twitter.

    This is a fun game - who is the most famous person to block you?

    Here are some people explaining who blocked them and what they did to get BLOCKED.



    @bertkreischer She bad mouthed tampa in her book and i defended the city.


    @bertkreischer Jeffree Star blocked me just because I said he was problematic in a tweet that I didn’t @ him in so this means he searched in his name in the search bar and he saw my tweet and blocked me 🤣


    @bertkreischer Gilbert tweeted a Charles Manson joke that said Is it hot in here, or am I crazy. I actually have a Manson shirt that says that so I tweeted back a picture of the shirt saying I have that shirt too. He then blocked me.


    @bertkreischer Said his wife seemed unpleasant in “ This is 40”


    @bertkreischer Dax Shepard, all I did was tell him he looked like the singer of nickleback.


    @bertkreischer Rarely ever tweeted her so I imagine the block has to do with my YouTube videos. Made fun of her for beginning every argument with “my father” and exposed her vapid political views.


    @bertkreischer Eric Carmen after I suggested he toured with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent


    @bertkreischer every time a story about measles or some other preventable disease was in the news I @-ed her. Guess she couldn't take the heat. Now I just send them to her husband, who must be too busy to see them.


    @bertkreischer I did his press years ago and he was cool as hell. Then I took a job with Anthony Cumia 7 years later and, blocked. Guilty by association. 🙄


    @bertkreischer Kind of a silly story. I mildly chastised Doug for a tweet admonishing his followers for birthday tweet requests. He then pm’d me to tell me off and blocked me. Sucks, because I actually like Doug Benson.


    @bertkreischer I pointed out a picture he posted was Photoshopped. He didn’t appreciate it, I guess.


    @bertkreischer I pointed out one of his typos and then when he deleted the tweet and reposted it I responded and said “don’t think I didn’t see that homeboy”


    @bertkreischer Also Deandre Hopkins blocked me cause I tried to take credit for his dick pic in 2016


    @bertkreischer Steve Austin 🥺 I told him he was only being nice when he said Becky Lynch was a good wrestler. I regret it, he is my favorites 😍


    @bertkreischer @chrisdelia blocked me because I made fun of @WhitneyCummings


    @michaelrosenbum @bertkreischer Chris D'Elia has blocked me. For saying he should have won an Emmy on the show "Whitney". I said he should have won because he came across as such a likeable down to earth guy when in real life uhh.. not so much.


    @Classic_George @bertkreischer He blocked me too, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I asked him if he were a rapper would he go by “LL Coulier”

    In conclusion, be nice to celebs — even if you're teasing them. They're people, too.



    Note: The above screenshots are unverified, so keep in mind that Photoshop exists and people could've made some of these themselves.

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