People Are Sending Their Haters "Troll Cakes" And Making Them Literally Eat Their Words

    Literally making haters eat their words.

    No matter who you are, you've probably had a hater comment something nasty to you online.

    Well, now you can send them a "Troll Cake."

    This is how it works. Let's say someone is talking shit about you or commenting mean things like "Sorry you're such a hateful person, Beth," on your page.

    Troll Cakes then takes the comment, makes a cake with the comment on top, and sends it to said hater.

    If you don't know the address of the hater, Troll Cakes will find it for a fee.

    People have used it for a ton of situations, like when someone calls you a "donkey witch."

    "Sloppy butt":

    Or if someone talks shit about your mom:

    A hater who said "U ruined the picture" received this:

    And a body-shamer got this:

    It makes the hater literally eat their words.

    Here's a personal favorite, a Judge Judy-inspired cake:

    You can order a Troll Cake here!