Noah Beck Read Thirst Tweets, And They're Some Of The Thirstiest Tweets Ever

    "I would let Noah Beck make my scoliosis worse."

    By now, you know Noah Beck. He's one of the biggest TikTok stars on the platform, with more than 31 million followers.

    Well, we recently sat down with Noah — who stars in the second season of AwesomenessTV's Noah Beck Tries Things and had him read some thirst tweets.

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    The tweets ranged from mildly thirsty, like this one about hugging Noah...

    Tweet saying they want to kiss Noah mid-thirsty like this one about being "h-word" for Noah...

    Tweet saying they're h-word for Noah

    ...all the way to the other side of the thirst spectrum, like this one, which, um, speaks for itself.

    Tweet saying they'd drag their ballsack across nails to lick Noah's thighs

    So, yeah, watch Noah get flustered, shocked, and amused by Twitter's thirstiest of thirsty tweets. And catch Noah in Noah Beck Tries Things, streaming on AwesomenessTV now, with new episodes weekly on Fridays!