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    This Is The Song Nick Jonas Wrote And Is Ashamed Of

    "It doesn't even rhyme."

    Nick Jonas sat down with Us Weekly for an interview, where he played a game of rapid fire questions.

    Us Weekly

    The first question he was asked was "What is your least favorite Jonas Brother song?"

    Us Weekly

    His answer? "Pizza Girl."

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    Yep! He said he said that one's his least favorite.

    Us Weekly

    He said he doesn't dislike it because he's embarrassed by it..

    Us Weekly

    ...but he is ashamed of his lack of creativity.

    Us Weekly

    He said the chorus is just literally about falling in love with the pizza girl.

    Us Weekly

    And it doesn't even rhyme, he added.

    Us Weekly

    I mean, true.

    Oh well! At least you're a Golden Globe-nominated songwriter now, Nick.

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