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Nick Jonas Is Currently Thicc And Now He Is My Father

Thank you, sir.

So, before we start this post, let's be clear: ALL body types are beautiful and hot and amazing.

But, this post is about Nick Jonas's dad bod.

I think we're used to Nick Jonas's ultrahot, chiseled abs.

And now we have his new dad bod to appreciate. Ugh, yes.

The dad bod was revealed during his Miami trip with wife Priyanka Chopra this weekend. Are you ready for these photos?

Yes, dad.

Yes, sir.

The father to my children....

The patriarch of my family...

The man of my dreams. Dad bod Nick Jonas:

Obviously, I wasn't the only one thirsting over Nick:

I wanna chew on Nick Jonas’ new love handles while I fall asleep at night 🤤😴

I can’t stop thinking about that bit of belly hanging over Nick Jonas’s shorts

nick jonas is halfway to dad bod and I’ve never been more attracted to him

Nick Jonas is now so thick 😍... I'm here for it

Now this is a DELICIOUS MAN!!! #NickJonas love he’s BODY #Thick #Daddy

Ugh, thank you, dad. Bye!