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16 Reactions To Miley Cyrus' Bonkers Tweet About Taylor Swift

Praying this is a sign they're friends again.

On Friday, Miley Cyrus tweeted (and Instagrammed) this gif of her and Taylor Swift dancing, saying, "It’s Women’s Day! 😻 To celebrate, will you Top like Taylor? Or Twerk like Miley? Please Answer."

It’s Women’s Day! 😻 To celebrate, will you Top like Taylor? Or Twerk like Miley? Please Answer

Obviously, the tweet spawned a bunch of reactions and memes. And a lot of people think it's a sign they're friends again (fingers crossed). Here are some of the best reactions:


"Miley Cyrus calls Taylor Swift a top via Instagram post of a fan made gif from 6 years ago" sounds like someone used a random sentence generator but here we are 🤪


Miley’s Taylor post is at 18M views rn... the power a collab of those two would have, ugh


Tree on her way over to Miley’s house right now



What if Taylor like miley cyrus post? Omg skshkshg



miley is valid bc i also want to be topped by taylor swift


miley is wilding but i'm here for it. can her and taylor do another duet together??



Like will taylor respond to the miley’s post ?


@tayisdelicatex Miley after that tweet with Taylor



what miley posted about her and taylor had me like...


Taylor to Miley the next time she sees her


imagine if taylor just liked miley's post with no comment no explanation and she just called it a day


miley is celebrating women and she posted about legends she interacted with, close friends and even people she USED to have a feud with.there’s nothing shady about her taylor post, thats just her humor & the context of her post is “to see women at the top” so stop being dramatic

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