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"Who Is This And Why Are You Texting My Husband's Phone": 18 Texts That Went Viral In December

The mom ring-light text!!!!

December is just about over, so of course, a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

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1. This wrong text:

I’m fucking crying I went to text my friend and turns out she changed her number and now I’m dealing with this

Twitter: @fayemikah

2. This nap text:

gay people can’t just say “i’m going to take a nap”

Twitter: @emonormie

3. This memeable Instagram story from Liam Payne:

daughters at any holiday family gathering:

Twitter: @gracesftdt

4. This misinformation:

Twitter: @ycsm1n

5. This scammed scammer:

6. This forgetful date:

Twitter: @TeahLhompson

7. This Avatar experience:

Twitter: @atdanwhite
Person asking AMC Theatres if getting wet is part of the Avatar IMAX experience, because they kept getting wet on the back of their neck someone behind them in the theater said it was and now they reek of piss

8. This rejection:

Twitter: @georgewhyler

9. And this one, too:

"Wanna hook up?" "No thank you, I'm a lesbian," and response: "I'm pretty feminine LOL"

10. This referral:

Twitter: @rileywatsson

11. This ignored text:

Twitter: @mazzypopstar

12. This misinterpreted message:


Twitter: @michaelshazee
"Hi, sorry if this is weird, but are you one of the people who hate me?" Answer: "OMG, not weird at all! Yes I am," and response: "OMG, OK, good twit stans scare me"

13. This perfect response:

When you're sick but you're also married to a very gay man.

Twitter: @EliMcCann

14. This Drag Race Grindr exchange:

Twitter: @thedannybeard

15. This furry convo:

Twitter: @ManMilk2

16. This hilarious (but probably fake) boss text:

Twitter: @northstardoll

17. This follow-up message:

Twitter: @FilledwithUrine

18. This mom text:

Twitter: @ginnyhogan_

19. And lastly, Mom's inquiry:

Twitter: @iUsedToBeADuck

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