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    Mariah Carey Dissed This Old Performance Of Hers And Now I Am Mad At Her

    With all due respect, Mariah, you're wrong!

    If you’ve ever read one of my posts or seen my Twitter or met me, you know that I am a die-hard, unbreakable Mariah Carey fan. For life.

    Anyway, this week, Mariah hosted a Twitter Spaces talk, a new feature where a group of users can have audio conversations with each other.

    Thread of Mariah’s chart with the lambily on spaces or whatever it’s called

    During the conversation, a fan brought up Mariah's performance of "If Only You Knew/Somewhere Over The Rainbow," a tribute to Patti LaBelle at the 1998 Essence Music Awards. The fan said it was one of their favorites.

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    Essence / Via

    "I didn't do so great on that," Mariah said. "I need to watch it again, you guys."

    Um...Mariah? This you?

    Are you kidding me? With all due respect, because you are the queen, YOU ARE SO WRONG. That is one of the best, most beautiful renditions EVER.

    Like...girl...COME ON:

    Mariah's Butterfly-era husky, buttery tone mixed with the unparalleled melismatic runs made that performance untouchable.

    And Patti LaBelle LOVED it too:

    Turns out, I wasn't alone in being truly upset by Mariah's statement:

    Mariah thinks her If Only You Knew/Somewhere Over The Rainbow performance wasn't good???? shook

    Twitter: @hfex33427

    I just remember now that during a live talk with Mariah Carey in Twitter Space, she bashed her performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow in 1998 and I felt attacked when she said, "I didn't do so great on that." 😭😭😭 @MariahCarey

    Twitter: @istanbkppirl

    Mariah said she didn't do so great on her rendition of somewhere over the rainbow on the Patti Labelle Tribute..... and like wait what??? that's like one of the most beautiful rendition of that song

    Twitter: @patlovesmori

    Ugh, even the best of the best have lapses in judgement, Mariah. BECAUSE LET'S BE REAL — this performance was perfection.

    And you should make it up to us by giving us a 2021 updated version of this medley soon ;) That's all. LYM, bye!