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    Posted on Jun 19, 2017

    In Case You Were Wondering, Mariah Carey Doesn't Give A Fuck About American Idol

    In case anyone was wondering.

    So obviously you're familiar with the Inventor of Music™, Mariah Carey.

    And remember she was on American Idol in 2013? You probably recall her flawless shade-throwing on the show:


    And the fact that she legit hated it.

    Hot 97

    Well, she was recently asked what she thought about the American Idol reboot.

    @The Insider /

    And she truly did not give a fuck.

    @The Insider /

    It was amazing.

    @The Insider /

    Mariah just couldn't care.

    @The Insider /

    She then basically "I don't know her"-ed American Idol.

    @The Insider /

    In other words:

    Bravo / Via Bravo

    Never change, Mariah.

    @The Insider /

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