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    Mariah Carey And Her Daughter Monroe, 11, Hit Whistle Notes Together And It's Such A Serve

    I'm deceased.

    You know Mariah Carey — the Songbird Supreme, Queen of Christmas, and Legend of All Legends.

    Closeup of Mariah

    Well, during the opening night of her Merry Christmas To All Christmas tour, Mariah brought out her 11-year-old daughter, Monroe.

    Mariah and Monroe singing

    Mariah and Monroe sang a beautiful rendition of "Away In A Manger" while sitting on a couch in front of a sold-out stadium.

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    Monroe definitely has that signature Mariah tone — like, I was shook.

    @IWearMyDisguise / Via Twitter: @IWearMyDisguise

    But I was even more blown away when Mariah and Monroe literally harmonized in whistle notes together during their performance. Like, are you kidding?!


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    (Happens at 0:40 in the above video.)

    Like, this makes me so happy and excited. Monroe is so talented and definitely inherited Mariah's vocal skills.

    Mariah and Monroe singing


    G2G sob now. Bye.