Marc Jacobs — Who Had One Of The Best Facelifts Ever IMO — Opened Up To Emily Ratajkowski About Getting A Facelift

    Marc Jacobs has the best facelift, IDC.

    Last week, fashion legend Marc Jacobs appeared on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast High Low, where he opened up about getting a facelift about two years ago.

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    When Emily complimented Marc's appearance, he said, "Well, I had a facelift last year. It was amazing."

    closeup of marc during the interview

    "It wasn't something, like, I was dying to do," he said. "Charlie [Defrancesco], my husband who certainly didn't need a facelift, had it in his mind that he wanted a facelift. So, when I asked him what I wanted for his birthday, he said, 'I want a facelift.' I said, 'If you do it, I'll do it.'"

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    Marc said he and Charlie decided to do a "couple's facelift."

    "Some couples get massages together. We thought we'd get facelifts. So, we interviewed a couple of doctors. The one we fell in love with was Dr. Jacono, who is amazing.

    "He's become a very good friend. We thought, like, 'Oh, could he do both of us on the same day?' Dr. Jacono obliged, but Marc wound up not being able to do it the same day.

    As for recovery, Marc said it wasn't too bad. He stayed at the doctor's uptown office with a nurse, who overlooked his recovery. "Then, I moved into the Carlisle [Hotel]. We did such a number — we made it so cinematic and theatrical. I bought a cheap headscarf from Zimmerman and tied it around my face and put big dark Gucci glasses on. It was all for Instagram."

    "Of course during the first four days of my recovery, I did selfies. I did a selfie in the hyperbaric chamber, which was really great for recovery. It really accelerated recovery." Marc added that he also had a nurse monitoring his painkillers.

    side by side of marc fresh out of surgery with bandages around his head and wearing a face mask and then out of the bandages with his new face

    "All of it was really easy and good. Four days at the Carlisle watching movies," Marc said. Emily replied, "It sounds fab."

    emily during the podcast

    "It was fab," Marc said. "I was really happy with the results."

    Marc represents a growing number of people who have gotten work done. According to a 2023 report by RealSelf, "Nearly 1 in 4 people in the United States (24%) have had at least one cosmetic procedure, and 12% have had two or more."

    I spoke with NYC-based double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shafer, who regularly performs facelifts. "There is a current surge in people — including celebrities — seeking out face procedures such as facelifts and eyelid surgery. Everyone has spent the last few years talking on Zoom and staring at their face and now they are looking for permanent fixes to match what they look like when using a filter."

    Dr. Shafer said some celebs are super open about their procedures, like Marc. However, "Other celebrities are more private and request to be seen after hours. Our staff is good at ushering celebrities into a private room and bypassing the waiting room when needed. We have had times when two celebrities are at the office at the same time but they had no idea because we are able to keep everything private and confidential."

    As for pricing, Dr. Shafer said it can run between $50,000 and $100,000. Some places, like Shafer Clinic's AdVitam Metabolic Center, offer additional services that speed up recovery. Basically, celebs can afford to pay for a quicker recovery! How fascinating.

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    You can watch Marc's full interview with Emily here.

    Dr. Jacono information here. Dr. Shafer information here.