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Lorde Confused The Shit Out Of People With Her VMA Performance

Here for it though.

You know Lorde...

...and you also probably know that her performances are pretty eccentric. She likes to ~express~ herself.

Well, she did just that at the VMAs Sunday with a performance of her song "Homemade Dynamite." She didn't sing, but instead did an interpretive dance to the track.

She did this:

And this:

And some of this:

People were really confused — mostly because they wanted to hear her amazing voice:

Isn't Lorde a singer? Isn't she supposed to, you know,....sing? #VMAs #lorde

Why is Lorde even on stage if she's not singing 😐 #VMAS

Turns out, Lorde had the flu, so she couldn't sing. But at least we were blessed with those dance moves only she could deliver.