This Clip Of Katy Perry Scolding An "Idol" Contestant For Singing In Cursive Is Going Viral Again

    I'm dead...

    You may or may not know what "singing in cursive" means.

    It's a colloquial saying that originated on social media, and it describes this annoying style/trend of singing that today's singers use. Liz Gillies describes it best with this video:

    @EclecticHams liz gillies coined it “seal singing” and i kind of love it

    Twitter: @jeeeeeeezybread

    Well, this week, a year-old clip of a contestant singing in cursive on American Idol started to go viral again.

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    In the vid, the contestant started to sing Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," and immediately, Katy Perry stopped her and said, "Slow down."

    "Slow down."

    The singer continued, and Katy AGAIN wasn't having it, LOL. "Say all the words," Katy said abruptly. "Don't cut the words off."

    "Say ALL the words."

    Katy then got more frustrated, saying, "Enunciate the words!"

    "Enunciate the words!"

    The whole moment started to blow up on Twitter this week:

    @WitnessNicki she's right tho. Cursive singing just isn't it. The girl sounded much better after that and she's even got a golden ticket once she sang with her real voice. Katy is a judge for a reason: to be technical. she isn't trying to roast the girl, only helped her

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    @WitnessNicki “😀… hent i lewk acraw da watooor” kills me

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    @mortaelinda @WitnessNicki yeah and she could tell the girl had a good voice she was just rlly misguided by that trend of that style of “singing”

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    Still, the judges recognized that the contestant had potential and sent her through to the next round. Just no more cursive singing for her!!

    Closeup of Katy Perry

    You can watch the full video here.