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People Think Katy Perry Shaded Britney Spears On Instagram So Britney Fans Are Coming With Receipts

*Patiently waits for Britney to reply*

Let's get right to it. Katy Perry — I love her to death, I really do — but she has a history of shading people. Sometimes it's accidental, sometimes it's intentional, sometimes you just can't tell.

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She specifically has a history of referencing Britney Spears' 2007 public breakdown. Like here in 2015:

In one radio interview she said, "It's like being No. 1 and being hot is a lot to live up to. I'm gonna shave my head next year. I can't handle the pressure...beating up your car with an umbrella."

And in 2017, she made ANOTHER joke at the Grammys:

Remember when Katy Perry mocked Britney’s breakdown? And y’all closed your eyes on that?

Well on Friday, she posted this picture of a Q&A with producer Greg Wells. Wells praises Katy Perry by dissing Britney Spears, saying people "think [Katy Perry] is handed a script like a Britney Spears and told what to sing. It's the exact opposite."

Wells said, "She is telling people like me or [producer] Max Martin what to do. She tells her management who will direct her video and she tells her label what he first single will be. She drives it. She's been like that since the first album."

Fans were not happy Katy posted and praised the quote on her story because it implied Britney didn't do any of the above mentioned:

Why does Katy perry constantly throw shade at queen Britney when Brit has been NOTHING but nice and supportive to her. Karma is a bitch. Have fun on idol

But fans soon came with receipts that showed Britney does do all of what the producer said she didn't:

Britney literally wrote 70+ songs, playing piano, singing, dancing, acting, and came up with the idea for most of her biggest songs/MVs 💀 Funny that it comes from a person who released the same album 4 times 💀

So @katyperry threw yet another Britney shade? This video never gets old...

Justin Tranter speaks on co-writing with Britney Spears (2018) So much for “being handed a script and told what to sing” 🤷🏼‍♀️

In conclusion, I don't wanna take sides, but I'll say this: Both are talented, both are amazing, both WORK HARD and DO a lot!

Michael Buckner

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