I'm Dead At Katy Perry Thinking This "American Idol" Contestant Is Talking About Her Boobs, But He's Talking About Her Music

    "I have bangers?"

    Katy Perry on American Idol is the gift that keeps giving.

    Remember the forever immortalized "wig" moment during her first season?

    And when she corrected this contestant for singing in cursive:


    She added to her repertoire of iconic moments this week when she met this contestant, who said, "You have bangers. Plenty of bangers."

    He obviously meant that she has bops, hits, catchy songs — you know, "Firework," "I Kissed a Girl," "California Gurls," "Dark Horse," etc. etc. etc. etc. x100.

    Katy def didn't get what he meant. "I have bangers?" she said. "Oh, thanks so much. You've got great eyes, and everything you need inside."

    Considering the way she was taken aback — and her response — everyone was like, "She definitely thought he was talking about her boobs."

    The way Katy thinks he’s talking about her boobs

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    Did she think she he was talking about her boobs? 😭😭 she looks uncomfortable


    Legendary exchange. That's all, bye!