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    Kanye West Returned To Social Media For A Sec Just To Throw Shade And I'm Conflicted

    He's baaaaack (kinda).

    So, let me sum up 2018 Kanye for ya real quick. He doesn't have an Instagram.

    And he doesn't use Twitter.

    Well yesterday, he came back for a second just to throw some shaaaaade at Nike.

    Yep! So, Nike is releasing their updated monarch sneaker, which looks like this:

    And Kanye thought they looked pretty similar to his YEEZY 700 shoes, seen here:

    So, he tweeted this now-deleted tweet, insinuating that Nike copied his YEEZY 700 shoe.

    Even Jack, creator of Twitter, welcomed Kanye back!

    Welcome back @kanyewest!

    Ok, back to the shoes. I mean, I definitely see some similarities??? They both have thick, raised midsoles (yes, i had to Google "parts of a shoe" to use that word).

    But, I feel like Nike is a shoe legend and has made a bajillion types of shoes and would never copy?? Ya know?

    Idk, do you think Nike was a little ~inspired~ by the success of Kanye's YEEZY shoes? Or do you think it's just a similiar-ish-looking shoe? Lmk in the comments!