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    I Was On The Fence About Justin Bieber Performing "Lonely" At A State Prison, But His Fans Changed My Mind

    He also stayed and listened to speakers.

    On Friday, TMZ posted footage of Justin Bieber performing to a group of prisoners at California State Prison last month.

    Justin Bieber Sings 'Lonely' to Small Group of Prisoners

    TMZ / Via Twitter: @TMZ

    He also sat and listened to speakers and a sermon.

    One of the tracks Justin performed was "Lonely," a song that details Justin's tumultuous relationship with fame, where he sings about his past mistakes and feelings of isolation, despite mega-stardom.

    Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

    The chorus' lyrics read, "What if you had it all, but nobody to call? / Maybe then you'd know me. / 'Cause I've had everything, / but no one's listening, / and that's just fuckin' lonely."

    Lonely lyrics
    @Genius / Via

    The song originally features Benny Blanco and is off his latest album, Justice.

    Full disclosure — at first, I personally thought that the song choice was wrong for the moment. I even made a TikTok being like, "Who approved this?"

    I just thought equating the loneliness of a multimillionaire pop star with an inmate missed the mark.

    But, a lot of the commenters disagreed with me. They actually really appreciated the sentiment.

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    "How often do they have something to look forward to?" said one comment with 29,000 likes. "I wish more artists would do this."

    @ryan_schocket / Via

    "If I was in prison and J. Biebs came to serenade me, that would be kinda fire?" another person wrote.

    @ryan_schocket / Via

    One person also brought up how the song probably resonates with the prisoners and their feelings of isolation while being incarcerated.

    @ryan_schocket / Via

    And turns out, the performance was received well by the prisoners, according to TMZ.

    NPR / Via

    "It was a life-changing experience that I will never forget," Bieber said in an earlier statement given to Billboard. "It was such an honor listening to their stories and seeing how strong their faith is."

    NPR / Via

    So, props to you, Bieber. You can check out TMZ's pictures and full coverage of his set here.