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    Sophie Turner Proudly Posted Joe Jonas' Thirst Trap And I Love It

    We did it, Joe...

    Happy Sunday. It may be the Lord's day, but we are still going to talk about how hot Joe Jonas looks today.

    Let's get right into it, girls, gays, and theys.

    Jonas Brother, inventor of "Cake By The Ocean," and overall king Joe Jonas decided to break Instagram and make me hornier than a porcupine on Saturday when he posted this thirst trap:

    Joe Jonas thirst trap

    WHEW. The abs...

    Joe Jonas taking a mirror selfie

    ...the jawline:

    Joe Jonas thirst trap

    ...the hair:

    Joe Jonas thirst trap

    Everything in this photo — minus the baggy pants — is a complete and total serve:

    Joe Jonas thirst trap

    This photo is making me feel some thingssssssss.

    I was not alone in my appreciation for this high art. People loved the thirst trap:

    Instagram: @joejonas / Bravo

    This picture of Joe Jonas. That's the tweet.

    Twitter: @StrawberryZoe

    Joe Jonas trending because he’s fine as hell?? Uh, yeah... I’ve known he’s been hot since I was 12.

    Twitter: @resendez_briana

    Yep. And so did his wife, Sophie Turner, who proudly posted the photo on her story, captioned, "Bad Dad" and "1-800-DIAL-A-DADDY."

    Yes, Sophie! Same. Same. Same.

    There you have it, y'all. Hope that made your Sunday a little brighter. ☀️☀️☀️