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Jennifer Lopez Just Announced Her Engagement To Ben Affleck

"This goes out to all the second chance romance lovers!"

On Friday night, Jennifer Lopez tweeted this video of herself telling people to head to Fans knew something was up because she added the diamond ring emoji to her Twitter handle.

Major announcement!!!!, Twitter: @JLo

Well, once you head to the site, it prompts you to sign up for her newsletter. You then get sent the video newsletter, which reveals Jen showing a beautiful green engagement ring. AKA Jen and Ben Affleck are engaged!

The way JLo announced her engagement with ‘Dear Ben’ playing in the background! I can’t 🥰 / Via Twitter: @JLo

The ring is beautiful and bigger than my 2-bedroom!!!!!! Are you kidding!

A closeup of the green

Anyway, nearly two decades after the pair originally got engaged in 2002, Jen and Ben are officially tying the knot again.

Ben and JLo hugging and smiling at each other

So, for those of you who don't know — Jen and Ben were, like, THE HOT COUPLE™ of the 2000s. They started dating shortly after filming Gigli together in 2001 and have had some legendary moments since:

on set, Ben and Jen sit in a convertible car together

Like when Ben scandalously held her butt in the "Jenny From the Block" music video:

Or when they attended the Daredevil premiere together:

And though they broke up in 2004, they reunited in 2021 and lit the internet on fire.

the couple on a yacht

They made it through the quarantine portion of the pandemic, which — as a couple — is a huge feat in itself:

the couple share a kiss through their face masks

They supported each other's projects — Jen attended The Last Duel premiere as Ben's date earlier this year...

the couple pose on the red carpet

...and Ben attended the premiere of Marry Me as Jlo's date:

Ben gives Jen a kiss on her head on the red carpet

So all that to say: BENNIFER is engaged and in full force. And of course, people had a wide range of reactions:

JLo and Ben Affleck are engaged (again) so this goes out to all the second chance romance lovers… a superior trope! #bennifer

Twitter: @agapethamar

exclusive look at ben affleck proposing to jlo

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley / Via Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @hunteryharris

Don’t let Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck trick you into getting back together with your ex

Twitter: @lupittaa5

All jokes and memes aside, congratulations to the newly re-engaged couple! <3 <3