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    Jennifer Lawrence Said She Was Punished For Standing Up To Director Who Said Something "Fucked Up" To Her

    I said, “That’s sick. You can’t talk to me like that.”

    This year, Jennifer Lawrence joined the Hollywood Reporter's annual actress roundtable, where she opened up about her experience with a director.

    Actress Roundtable: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, more on harassment in Hollywood and ideas for industry change…

    She said she was approached by a producer and told she was being "unruly."

    The Hollywood Reporter

    She also said her job was threatened because she stood up to a director, who said something "fucked up" to her.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Lawrence was punished afterwards.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    She said she thinks this is why so many people are afraid to come forward.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    The way these situations are handled needs to change, Lawrence added.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Absolutely. Thank you for sharing, Jen. 👏 You can watch a clip from the roundtable here.

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