"She's Never Apologized": Jane Fonda Called Out Jennifer Lopez For Hurting Her On Set Of "Monster-in-Law"

    Drew's face says it all.

    We all know Jane Fonda does not hold back.

    Well, the Academy Award-winning actor was on The Drew Barrymore Show, where she spilled fun facts about some of her most popular movies.

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    When asked about the film Monster-In-Law — where she played Jennifer Lopez's super difficult in-law — Jane said, "The thing that comes to mind right away is that we have a slapping scene. I slap her. She slaps me," Jane said.

    j.lo slapping jane in the scene

    "Jennifer — as per Jennifer — she had this enormous diamond ring," Jane said.

    jane on the show explaining the event

    "When she slapped me, it cut open across my eyebrow," she said.

    jane pointing to her eyebrow

    "You know, she's never apologized," Jane added.

    jane looking at the audience

    Jane then made this face:

    jane closes her eyes and looks annoyed

    This was Drew's reaction. Ugh, I wish she would've followed up more and asked where the two stand today — but it looks like she was too shocked.

    drew covering her face in shock

    I did however check their Instagrams, and Jennifer follows Jane, but Jane does not follow her back. 👀👀

    instagram shot of followers

    So yeah, Jen has not responded to Jane's comments, but we will update you if she does.